The Just Funky Foundation Announces Wooster City School District Donation

The Just Funky Foundation Announces Wooster City School District Donation

5,000 custom lanyards were recently offered in a donation valued at $20,000

The Just Funky Foundation has announced a donation to the Wooster City School District, which includes 5,000 lanyards valued at $20,000.

The Just Funky Foundation’s co-chairman and executive vice president, Pranav Arora and Co-Chairman and President, Sahil Arora, are the non-compensated creators of the non-profit organization, and both have strong ties with Wooster City. Both Pranav’s and Sahil’s alma mater is Wooster High School.

Just Funky, a premier manufacturer of licensed, labeled merchandise for retail, designed, developed, and manufactured the lanyards.

According to The Just Funky Foundation, their next goal is to continue working with the Wooster City School District to give back to the students. Through a direct partnership with the district’s superintendent, Dr. Tefs, Sahil and Pranav plan to create more programs aligned to boost students.

In January 2016, Pranav and Sahil launched The Just Funky Foundation with a mission of giving back to the community, and the emphasis of their mission is education.

The Just Funky Foundation thanks the team at Just Funky, who worked tirelessly to spearhead all logistical elements of the lanyards. “All services and supplies, including the lanyards, were given to the Foundation at no charge by Just Funky,” according to The Just Funky Foundation.

Sahil worked directly with Dr. Tefs and the school’s principal, Tyler Keener, to propel the project, while Pranav worked diligently on an internal basis to ensure the project’s success. All students and staff received a custom lanyard designed for use with the school’s newly issues school I.D. cards, which were created to enhance the school’s security.

The Arora family is proud to partner with Wooster City Schools for this project, and they look forward to announcing exciting new projects soon.

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Source: Just Funky

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