Just Funky Announces Expansion in the European Marketplace

Just Funky Announces Expansion in the European Marketplace

​​Just Funky, a premier manufacturing company is growing at astronomical rate, selling to more than 20,000 independent stores across North America and now the European Union. With more than 110 employees, Just Funky has added to their Ohio headquarters with presences in major cities across the world including Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New Delhi.

After achieving unprecedented success in the United States, Just Funky has decided to conquer the international market. With big name retailers like Target, , Spencers Gifts, Loot Crate , and many more, Just Funky looks forward to connecting with new brands and consumers  around the world.

“We are very excited to be able to cater to the European audience, and give the fans the fun, and unique items they have been waiting for,” says Pranav Arora, Head of Division.

Retailers and licensors new to the Just Funky name are likely familiar with their products. Fans of all ages and interests rely on Just Funky to provide their favorite novelty and collector’s items such as blankets, cups, buttons, and lanyards. From gaming and anime to music, movies and more, Just Funky provides brands and consumers with the go-to swag they need.

For gamers, Just Funky has licenses with Nintendo, PlayStation, and popular games including Pac-Man, Assassin’s Creed, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda. Thanks to the talented team at Just Funky, gamers can curate their own collection of products and accessories, whether it’s figurines, flasks, or fleece.

Nowadays, television rivals the movie industry like never before. Those hooked on shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who can thank Just Funky for their favorite household memorabilia. The company has manufactured goods such as a Breaking Bad Beaker Lamp and a Walking Dead Crossbow Coffee Mug.

Possibly one of the most influential industries when it comes to collectables and novelty items is the music industry. Just Funky has produced custom products for Bob Marley, Foo Fighters and Nirvana fanatics across the globe! The most recent addition to Just Funky’s music portfolio is international superstar Justin Bieber. In January 2017, Just Funky signed a licensing deal with Bravado to produce a collection of products for the iconic pop singer.

As Just Funky continues to spread into the EU marketplace, retailers and licensors have an opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the game. Contact Just Funky today to find out how and where they can best serve you, and begin sharing your brand to a world of supporters.

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